Sandra Torcuato
It is true that art is useless, seen by a blind eyes and a deaf ears. Unblock the ears and glimpse is a risky job, but if successful is able to heal societies. Just imagine a world without aesthetic sense, no music, no pictures, no poetry, no tales. Communicating through the arts is a complex language that can never get bored, requires a constant alertness. The need for particularly what happens in general, ends up being a creative task documentation. Probably I could have spent on other business, more pragmatic, more stable and less illusory. Although I can not deny that he had survived it, I would say that a person with extreme both emotionally and intellectually lacking.
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Gicu Cerchezan
There was a time when I believed that evolution is a consequence only of the rational intelligence. But over the years I’ve noticed that the engine of evolution requires more than “thinking minds”, it requires emotional intelligence. So, what drives me every day is to keep understanding the environments around me. I am an eternal apprentice of a world that revolutionizes with every “click” stroke. Because only when the information becomes knowledge I can start to redefine aspects oriented to products, companies and brands in order to help them to connect with their audiences. And when brands connect with their audience, it gets establish a long-term symbiotic relationship. An objective that has shaped my career and has become the foundation of my business vision.
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